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Вернул на место свои олдскульные Shockwave эксперименты. с исходниками :)

Hehe. We all know what new Director 11 must be released very soon. I cant wait. I really do not create something in Director for long time ;( But when Director 3D was released in 2001 i have a lots of fun with it. So i found my old experiments with sources and put them online. Some of them uses Havok. Some of them use particles ;) I even have multiplayer game in Shockwave, which still work! )))) LOL. I hope you will enjoy browsing my old stuff ;) Keep it mind, this is 2001 year. This was my first steps in Shockwave, so dont laught to loud.

Also, Dean’s Director Tutorials has moved to a new URL. They cover the basics of Director to programming with Lingo and Shockwave 3D.

Как все наверное уже знают, скоро выходит Director 11. В последнее время особо ничего не делал на Shockwave, но с далекого 2001 года у меня осталось немного (чуть более 40) экспериментов в данной области. Их я и выкладываю с исходниками в Lab. Не забывайте, что это было 7 лет назад. Так что громко не смейтесь :)

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cool stuff den. I am excited as well for Director’s return. It is not much of an upgrade but they killed it off right as 3d was getting fun. I am digging the terrain generation. I am really looking forward to more hardware rendered 3d and the AGEIA PhysX physics engine integration. If they would only wire in ES4/AS3 into director for coding…

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