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Конвертируем png в Papervision 3d обьект

Another experiment with PV3D – ExtrudeImage. Convert any transparent png(gif) into PV3D object. Sources available. Have fun ;)
Очередной эксперимент – ExtrudeImage. Конвертируем png(или gif) с прозрачностью в 3D обьект. Методом выдавливания )))) Исходники, как обычно, прилагаются.

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Man, I’ve been waiting for this ;) I was just thinking about this (yet again) last night for a project I have in mind ;)

Thanks man!!

Are you using pv alpha2 or 1.5 ?
I see effects in the source code but wen i try to compile your code with alpha2, i have some glitches and it’s not speed like your swf. I don’t know why.

Very nice test :p
I try to implement your extrudeimage to a project.
But how to apply an opacity/alpha on this displayobject3d ?

is it possible to extrude planes or just movieclips? or does it have to be externally loaded.. thanks!

How to use ExtrudeImage in Flex to extrude 1 image

It’s possible you demonstrate a example, please ?

Hi, I’ve been searching for some extrude class around for papervision and I’ve found your blog, I’ve also found this one but it has problems some triangles just disappear when you place other displayObject3D on it, for example a plane, I’ve tried to check the code on that app but it goes beyond my knowledge of 3D, I was wondering if maybe you’ve got some sample to do the extrude using graphics commands like lineTo,curveTo, moveTo, like the sample Api I’ve told you has problems, I’ve checked your code and looks like you have something which can be modified to make that work, I’ll be testing your Code and maybe try to build the graphic implementation, but maybe you’ve already made some search on it, by the way I’ve just started to learn Pv3 just a few weeks ago :-). Best Regards and thanks for the info.

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