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PARK.seasons на PV3D

Papervision3D experiment with portals ;) Drag mouse to rotate, scroll mouse wheel for zooming & walking through portals to another season. I hope you like this toy. Sorry. no preloader :) its only 400 kB (Tree model by Batch)

also can be viewed at PARKLab.

UPD: Added keyboard arrows control & looks like wheel-scroll problem for Mac fixed too.

Небольшой эксперимент с Papervision3D. Драгайте мышкой для вращения, скрольте колесом для приближения удаления и прохода через порталы. :) (За модель спасибо Баче)

UPD: добавил управление стрелками и вроде пофиксил баг с колесом мыши на Маке.

89 replies on “PARK.seasons на PV3D”

Fantastic! Reminds me a bit of Mario 64! Amazing what can be done with browsers these days

Wonderful, stumbleupon found this for me, its brilliant. The portals are a great idea, the seasons beautiful Its a delight. thanks

Brilliant! I especially like it using Apple’s multi-trackpad. Too cool!

Haha this is very neat. The only couple things missing are some nice music and perhaps sound effect ;)

I would like to take your concept and make a website based on it, are you willing to work to make this happen?

Thanks in advance,

Wow .. Great stuff !!! .. Can i have the contact of the 3d modeler who created the models .. the site that you have mentioned doesn’t exist.



Could you make some kind of tutorial or at least give the source code ?
That would be very nice because I think that a lot of beginners like me could learn a lot from here.

Thanks in advance and I will understand if you can not do what I asked you for.

i would love to implement this on my website i feel as if this would be more beneficial for me. if possible i would like borrow this for the use of displaying my models and i’ll definitely credit you for your work thank you in advanced

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