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Papervision Plant3D класс

Just wrote Plant3D class for Papervision3D. Early alpha. Resulting Plant looks ugly sometimes, just refresh page for new one. Will improve speed & quality soon and post sources as well. Now enjoy the alpha version ;) Any comments, maybe ideas what to add to this toy?
Собрал небольшой класс для создания деревьев в Papervision3D. Выглядит временами страшно, потому что очень сырая версия. Если есть идеи или комменты, буду очень рад выслушать.

17 replies on “Papervision Plant3D класс”

а по моему очень даже неплохо выглядит.

very very cool.
We are waiting your nice source with many enthousiasm :p

Nice tree!
Suggestion: Use animation to show the tree growing with all of its branches extending off of another. Also, add a wind effect.

Very nice toy. My suggestions for improvements:
– more trees than one
– random colors
– leaf colors according to date (weather)
– different sort of trees ?
– it could be w whole random scenery with random sun, shadows ?
– jumping monkey with a banana ;)


I like the tree and the plant3D class created. Fantastic tree! Pardon me, anyway to get the source code for it. Pls advise.

Very nice, i did a similar random growing tree in 2D once.
I wouldn’t mind taking a look at the source either ;)

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