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PrkPDF – еще одна AS3 библиотека для создания PDF. Скоро выход

Soon i will release PrkPDF. This is another PDF creation library. I really love AlivePDF and used it lots in past, but in current release it doesn’t support Embedding Fonts. So i wrote my own library for better working with fonts, texts etc… in PDF. Drawing function also supported. I will post sources very soon, just need to clean some code. Here just quick demo of generated pdf with embedded fonts. Kern pairs supported too.
Хочу анонсировать скорый выход PrkPDF, еще одной библиотеки для создания PDF при помощи AS3. Раньше активно использовал AlivePDF, но к сожалению в ней нет поддержки русских букв и нет возможности эмбедить шрифты. Пришлось написать чтото свое. Осталось немного причесать код и выложить, а пока можно посмотреть на пример сгенерированного файла.

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Hate to burst your bubble, but check out the first article on the AlivePDF page entitled “New feature – Font Embedding”.

Also, your example pdf is blank on Preview on OSX. It works fine in Adobe Reader. I’ve seen things like that before when the PDF is malformed, but Reader is more permissive in what it allows.

But I look forward to seeing PrkPDF in action, especially if it’s faster than AlivePDF. I’ll be checking back.

Thanx Marc. ) I know about this article. I was await for this feature around 2 weeks, but due tight dealine for last project cant wait too long. so i start researching and create my own PDF Library for this purpose.

обязательно выложите библиотеку после завершения! жду с нетерпением

Any chance of the code release – this could turn out to be incredibly helpful…

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