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Тестовое видео ARtoolKit библиотеки для процессинга

ARToolkit for processing tests from den ivanov on Vimeo.

Testing video of my ARToolkit library with multiple patterns handling. I used here rewritten version of SimpleARToolkit library from Bryan Chung and OBJLoader for handling OBJ 3D Models. Sorry for loud audio. Just mute it.
Тестирую мою ARToolkit библиотеку для распознавания разных видов паттернов. Используется переписанная версия SimpleARToolKit от Bryan Chung и OBJLoader для подгрузки 3D обьектов. Сорри за громкий звук ) Его можно выключить.

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Great job on getting multiple objects and patterns to work. I have been trying to figure out how to achieve what you have. The documentation I am finding on how to have multiple objects isn’t working. Would you mind sharing your re-written version of Bryan Chung’s SimpleARToolkit library src files? He says that his version only works on a PC and I see that you might be running it on a mac. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

как у тебя получилось установить поддержку рендеринга vrml в mac osx ??? ты ведь на маке это используешь?

I’ve been using simpleARToolkit for a project, but would LOVE to have the ability for multiple markers. Can I download this somewhere or would you mind sharing?

Hey Den,

Great job. I also tried to get multiple patterns to work but it didnt worked out. Would you mind sharing your re-written version of Bryan Chung’s SimpleARToolkit library? This would be really cool? Is your version running on mac?

Thanks a lot.

I’m also curious about this Mac version. Getting muliple tracking seems straight forward, as all one has to do is alter the source code to allow access to the jARToolkit (which seems a bit odd that he’s set it as private) and then use the many Flash versions of the toolkit to paraphrase multiple marker tracking. But how you’ve done with out the dlls that jARToolkit is binding confuses me a little.

Great work! I am also very curious about what seems to be a working Mac version of the jARToolkit … I shall be forever grateful if you share that knowledge :)

This is really great! I’ve been wrking for the last week trying to get multiple patterns to work… I don’t have a programming background, but I’m learning the ropes for my thesis. Could you share the files needed to do this? Thanks in advance!

I love what you’re doing with this AR toolkit :D
If you don’t mind, can I learn from your code ? I’m kinda new to these stuffs but I have a bit of Processing skills (on Mac)…So it would be great if you can share your code or a tutorial of how you’re doing it~!


Great job! I’d love to have at the source edits. I can think of so many applications for this with multiple objects. If you’re in the mind to share let me know.

Keep advancing the field man!


Great work on getting multiple 3D objects and patterns. I have been trying with 3D object and my next steps are multiple patterns, but i´m jammed in the 3D objects
Did you re-write the library or the sketch.
Would you mind sharing your re-written version of Bryan Chung’s SimpleARToolkit library src files? I´m trying on a PC and how do you be running it on a mac.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.
Sorry my English.

Awesome job. I am trying to get multiple tag support in processing and it looks like you are one of the only people to figure it out.
I am wondering how you got support for two markers using the Simple Ar toolkit. Is there any chance you could lend a hand explaining how you did this or make any source available?

Greta, Great. Den, can i get this code too? I design 3d models and would like to create some interactions with it. Thanks in advance.

Hi Den,

cool job. is the code of this project or of the rewritten ARToolKit with the possibility of tracking multiple markers public? i would like to figure out how it works.
thank you very much indeed for your help :)

Hey !! excellent work everybody in here seems to have the same question about how to track multiple markers I would also like to know if you used the Saito OBJloader library of is there is out there a better one.

welllll done den.. i’ve been working on something similar with bryan’s artoolkit.. and i haven’t had much luck trying to get multiple tag support. i’m really interested in how you got it to work. would it be too much to ask you to divulge this sweet hack w/ us?

thanks dude.. really appreciate it!

Hello ‘(^^), really great!!! I must say after spending two days researching all the different versions of artoolkit, trying to use it with processing, with multiple markers and maybe macos support, the only version i have seen so far is yours. Really well done!!! (^^)
Please, please, please, could I have the code as well??? AR is just so cool….

dear den,

i have an error when run your library in mac-intel:

Exception in thread “Animation Thread” java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no JARToolKit in java.library.path

¡help me, please!

Hi Den,
Firstly congratulations on a great implementation.
Secondly much like some other people have commented – I am having problems with this on a Mac-Intel. I have looked into the Ant config and paths but am still getting the error:
“java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no JARToolKit in java.library.path”. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

Here is question which is realted to the original querie: It will be simply great if you guys can give some idea.

During AR traching each marker has its own coord system(PMatrixes), how can we draw a line (for example)between the markers? HOw can we get the co-ords of each of the markers with respect to the main coord system of processing?

When using push pop we can easily handle this but how do we do when uding AR library? Can we have two coord system in processing and connect between the two; I am not able to get the coordinates of a point with respect to another cooprdinate system. Is there some kind of transformation matrixes by which this can be done.


hi den,
i use a macosx and i have this problem…

“Exception in thread “Animation Thread” java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no JARToolKit in java.library.path
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadLibrary(
at java.lang.Runtime.loadLibrary0(
at java.lang.System.loadLibrary(
at net.sourceforge.jartoolkit.core.JARToolKit.(
at pARToolKit.SimpleARToolKit.(
at demo01.setup(
at processing.core.PApplet.handleDraw(

can you help me?

can u post the source code of this example please??? i need know how can show 3D models in SimpleARToolkit :(!

Wooow Den! Amazig job, I’m trying to do something similar but I don’t know the way. I wrote to the MD2Loader class author but I have no answers. This video show a 3D model and this is exactly I try. But the two markers support that you show in your video is surprising! Do you have plans to sharing your re-written version of Bryan Chung’s SimpleARToolkit library? Thank you Mr. Den!

Great job Den, can u send me the code, can i export it to pure java?

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