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Мультитач проект для Sony

Multitouch project i did with for Sony roadshow. In video you can see multitouch talke with notebook interaction (when we throw info panel to real notebook location, video played on his screen)
Мультитач проект для Sony roadshow, сделанный совместно с На видео можно заметить, как Мультитач стол взаимодействует с реальным ноутбуком.

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Cool project, I think it would be pretty fun to develop for multi-touch. Conjuring up something unique, like a simultaneous multi-player game could be a fun challenge. Anyway, I’m a hockey fan as well as a developer and was wondering who your favorite hockey player is. Mine is Ovechkin, he is insanely good, though I love watching Semin as well. Have a good one.

Привет, а можешь выкладывать видео не на ютюб , а на vimeo ? Ютюб в некоторых компаниях забанен …

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