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Редактор Realaxy. Работа с XML

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Ahhh … finally recognizing the “JetBrains MPS” text in the title bar. Will it be a Idea or MPS plugin? Anyway: Very nice. Used to work with Idea for Java years ago and I remember it to be quite pleasant. Seems like you do a great job of adding AS3 features – can’t wait to see more.

это относится не XML, а к e4x, но будет.
плюс можно будет указать

var xml:XML;


var xml:XML;

и получать автокомплит по нодом файла (run-time schema) или по DTD

Martin, we use Jetbrains MPS editor as platform and Editor will be separate product. In addition you can use all Language Oriented Programming stuff in ActionScript.

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