Kinected BrowserКинект в браузере

Nice Microsoft Research project – Kinected Browser.

Kinected Browser allows Web page authors to create immersive interactive experiences inside the browser. The
platform provides high and low level access to the Kinect device to enable a variety of designs.
The goal of Kinected Browser is to provide a platform for experimentation with Natural User Interface in the
browser. This package is experimental quality and should not be used for production applications.


1. Scriptable high level DOM events for joint activity such as leftHandOver, rightKneeMove, etc.
2. Access to full skeleton tracking
3. Support for multiple and custom methods for mapping physical space into the browser
4. Access to the depth stream with built in methods for drawing to HTML5 CanvasНаткнулся на прикольный проект в Microsoft Research – Kinected Browser.

Добавляет в браузер (пока только IE 9 и IE 10) возможность использовать Кинект. Среди заявленных фич – использование джоинтов скелета, распознавание жестов, методы для отрисовки карты глубины в HTML5 canvas и другое. Для экспериментов самое то

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