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JSFeat – awesome JavaScript Computer Vision LibraryJSFeat – крутая JavaScript Computer Vision библиотека

Eugene Zatepyakin just release at github awesome JavaScript Computer Vision library (JSFeat)


  • Custom data structures
  • Basic image processing methods (grayscale, derivatives, box-blur, resample, etc.)
    • grayscale
    • box blur
    • gaussian blur
    • equalize histogram
    • canny edges
    • find more at Examples and Documentation page
  • Fast Corners feature detector
  • Lucas-Kanade optical flow
  • HAAR object detector
  • BBF object detector

Женя Затепякин  как всегда, впереди планеты всей )

Выпустил библиотеку компьютерного зрения (Computer Vision) на javascript –  JavaScript Computer Vision library (JSFeat)

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