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My small Printer plugin just published in Unity Asset Store. If you need printing from Unity, this is what you need!

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Hi, i just found your plugin, and looks like exactly what i need. Just a few questions: It works in standalone (exe)? And it prints the image directly or the user need to select a printer and things like that?


Printer dialog is not grabbing focus on fullscreen mode unity project……ideas?

Sorry, I like this plugin, but: This can print under linux?
Works with Brother QL-700 printer?

thank you

Hello Den Ivanov.

Does your plugin allow detection if a printer is on/connected?
Our application needs to show the ‘print’ button only when the printer is ON.

Thanks in advance for your response,

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Hi, for an application, i would like to print double sided. The printer supports this, but there is no way in your plugin to send multiple pages in one print request. Could this be possible / added to the plugin?

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