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How-to enable GearVR on exynos note4.

Just found easy way how to make GearVR work on exynos note4.

1. Go Settings->Storage-Used space->Applications-ALL
2. Find ‘Gear VR SetupWizard’. (only working version for exynos is 1.0.24) you may have 1.0.28. Force stop it. and Uninstall
3. download version 1.0.24 from here
4. copy all files to your note4 and install.
5. go Play Store and install ‘QuickShortcut Maker’
6. open it and search for ‘vr setup’. it will show you ‘VR Setup Wizard’ (without ‘Stub’ at the end). check version via ‘App info’. must be 1.0.24. hit ‘Try’. i will open setup windows.
7. install everything you need from oculus
8. enjoy.
9. if oculus suggest you update later, DO NOT update, because it install 1.0.28 version of setupwizard, and everything stop working again.

i tested this on two phones. all work ok. somethimes phone screen flicker. to avoid this just hold back button on gearvr for enter service menu and then press it again to go back. it work for me.

please post any questions in comments here or in reddit thread.

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Hello, thanks for this suggestion. I try to make like you wrote it, but afetr all these steps, my Note 4 continues to tell me that i need a new version of soft. I took out the SD Card from Oculus, but the problem stays the same. Where am i wrong ?
Thank you for your help

Hi, and thanks for sharing this workaround.
I’m stuck at step 6 : I find ‘VR Setup Wizard Stub’, but not the one without “stub” at the end. And, of course, it doesn’t work (it open the apk that ask for an update, if i disable the WIFI, it say that i need to be connected, and if i stay connected it download the 1.0.28v, so back to step 1 :/ )
Do you know what i can do about that ?

Again, thank you for sharing :)

same here:
I can only find VR Setup Wizard Stub. Tried it 4 times (even with reboots).

Any suggestion what is wrong

For those that are having problems only finding the stub. Check you have installed the software on your phone by finding it in the file explorer. Next, if you allowed your device to update the phone, you need to uninstall that update to the VR gear software, then it will work.

I worked like a charm for two days and it was updated automatically and everything stopped working. I have gone through the steps above again but didn’t work this time!
Any help would be appreciated!

I’ve run the vr setup but it seems to be stuck on the download. I’ve rebooted and re-installed the software on the tutorial above.. Any ideas?

I tried everything, but its still not working, and there seems to be a new version of the apk 0.4.2 is that any different?

or try pressing gear vr setup wizzard i seems to download the necessities

I think this is the best solution for Exynos chip right now, but if it didn’t work, you have to root your phone then change the name of the phone from N910(any character) to N910F with the root explorer. Then it work like a charm!

Hi, and thanks for sharing this workaround and its working now once again thanks a lot but i wanna ask you something that how i can stop auto update on it ? kindly guide me :)

Hi, and thanks for sharing this workaround and its working now once again thanks a lot but i wanna ask you something that how i can stop auto update on it ? kindly guide me :)

If U cant find “stubless” setup: Change search method on right top of shortcutmaker to normal!

THANKS. it worked. somewhere I had updates asking and I did.. uninstall and repeat from beginning.

wizard was reinstalled but other 2 files not. how can I solve?

Hi den…
step 2 ..not able to locate vr setup wizard..what i see has stub and I can’t seem to figure out if mine is version 1.0.24 or do I confirm this?
Please advice me how to proceed. Thx.

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