Common talks Virtual Reality

Some VR news

Very exited to see how fast VR evolve. Right now i’m doing VR projects 90% of my time. And i love it! )
Will be in LA at Oculus Connect next month. Cant wait to see updates about Oculus Rift and GearVR.

Right now working on ‘Littlstar VR Cinema’ app update for GearVR, Oculus Rift and other secret HMDs )

Btw, designed and printed nice Littlstar tshirt with deer and HMD ) If you want one and will be at Oculus Connect, post you size at comments.


Will update my portfolio soon. Have a lots great VR and AR cases to show.

Video360 Virtual Reality

Testing new 360 video rigs

Testing new rigs for 2 and 3 cameras with iZugar 195 lenses.

Video360 Virtual Reality

MIAS 2014 – 360 Video

Common talks Virtual Reality

this is how we work now.

oculus work

Virtual Reality

How-to enable GearVR on exynos note4.

Just found easy way how to make GearVR work on exynos note4.

1. Go Settings->Storage-Used space->Applications-ALL
2. Find ‘Gear VR SetupWizard’. (only working version for exynos is 1.0.24) you may have 1.0.28. Force stop it. and Uninstall
3. download version 1.0.24 from here
4. copy all files to your note4 and install.
5. go Play Store and install ‘QuickShortcut Maker’
6. open it and search for ‘vr setup’. it will show you ‘VR Setup Wizard’ (without ‘Stub’ at the end). check version via ‘App info’. must be 1.0.24. hit ‘Try’. i will open setup windows.
7. install everything you need from oculus
8. enjoy.
9. if oculus suggest you update later, DO NOT update, because it install 1.0.28 version of setupwizard, and everything stop working again.

i tested this on two phones. all work ok. somethimes phone screen flicker. to avoid this just hold back button on gearvr for enter service menu and then press it again to go back. it work for me.

please post any questions in comments here or in reddit thread.