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Still alive ;)

Hello there!

Lots of things happens since i post here last time. I probably leave this blog for history and will post all new stuff at

But who know, maybe i will return back :)

Feel free to contact me if you have cool idea to implement or just want ask something. Happy new 2019 year and have a nice day! ;)

Common talks Virtual Reality

Some VR news

Very exited to see how fast VR evolve. Right now i’m doing VR projects 90% of my time. And i love it! )
Will be in LA at Oculus Connect next month. Cant wait to see updates about Oculus Rift and GearVR.

Right now working on ‘Littlstar VR Cinema’ app update for GearVR, Oculus Rift and other secret HMDs )

Btw, designed and printed nice Littlstar tshirt with deer and HMD ) If you want one and will be at Oculus Connect, post you size at comments.


Will update my portfolio soon. Have a lots great VR and AR cases to show.

Common talks Virtual Reality

this is how we work now.

oculus work

Common talks Virtual Reality

vrcotics: fractazm WIP

WIP video of vrcorics:fractazm with positional tracking.

Common talks Unity3D

Small but useful Unity3D shader for Augmented Reality

Sometimes when you do Augmented reality apps, you need hide parts of 3D which pass behind user body or head. Easiest way to make this – use hidden 3d mannequin or 3d head with special shader which cull all pixel data behind it.


I just wrote small one for Unity3D.

Shader "Custom/CullMaterial" {
	Properties {
		_MainTex ("Base (RGB)", 2D) = "white" {}
	 SubShader {
	 Tags { "Queue" = "Background-1" }
        Pass {
            Material {
                Diffuse (1,1,1,1)
            Lighting On
            ColorMask 0
	FallBack "Diffuse"