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Awesome tech video about new Kinect for Xbox One.

Cant wait for play with new Kinect. Just watch fresh video how it work from Wired.

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Only 8 days left to get your Google glasses!Всего 8 дней осталось, чтобы получить Google Glasses!


Do you want to try Google Glasses? Check this site how to get them! glass

Хотите попробовать AR очки от Google. На этот сайте написано, как это сделать.

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How to create geometry in SceneKitКак создать геометрию в SceneKit

Small code example, how to create 3D Geometry in SceneKit from scratch. Apple didnt provide any samples, so i hope this will be useful for someone.

SCNNode *myNode = [SCNNode nodeWithGeometry:[self createGeometry]];

- (SCNGeometry *) createGeometry{

NSArray *sources = @[
[SCNGeometrySource geometrySourceWithVertices: (SCNVector3[]){
{.x = -1.0f, .y = -1.0f, .z = 0.0f},
{.x = -1.0f, .y = 1.0f, .z = 0.0f},
{.x = 1.0f, .y = 1.0f, .z = 0.0f},
{.x = 1.0f, .y = -1.0f, .z = 0.0f}
} count:4],
[SCNGeometrySource geometrySourceWithNormals:(SCNVector3[]){
{.x = 0.0f, .y = 0.0f, .z = -1.0f},
{.x = 0.0f, .y = 0.0f, .z = -1.0f},
{.x = 0.0f, .y = 0.0f, .z = -1.0f},
{.x = 0.0f, .y = 0.0f, .z = -1.0f}
} count:4],
[SCNGeometrySource geometrySourceWithTextureCoordinates:(CGPoint[]){
{.x = 0.0f, .y = 0.0f},
{.x = 0.0f, .y = 1.0f},
{.x = 1.0f, .y = 1.0f},
{.x = 1.0f, .y = 0.0f}
} count:4]

NSArray *elements = @[
[SCNGeometryElement geometryElementWithData:[NSData dataWithBytes:(short[]){0, 2, 3,0,1,2} length:sizeof(short[6])]

SCNGeometry *geo = [SCNGeometry geometryWithSources:sources elements:elements];

SCNMaterial *mat = [SCNMaterial material];
mat.diffuse.contents = [NSColor redColor];

geo.firstMaterial = mat;
geo.firstMaterial.doubleSided = YES;

return geo;



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Grab2Drop approved in AppStoreGrab2Drop заапрувили в AppStore

Grab2Drop was approved in AppStore. I’m happy! )




Pro version coming soon.Grab2Drop появился в AppStore. Я счастлив! )




Скоро допилю Pro версию.

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Grab2Drop – share screenshots via Dropbox

On NewYear holidays i wrote small Mac OSX Application – Grab2Drop.


It save your screenshot to Dropbox and give back URL to it. Easy way to share screenshots with friends.

I setup small site for it –

Hope, you will find it helpful. Post your comments and suggestions please. Maybe bug reports? )))