Common talks status

damn, due some delays and problems i lost

so all my stuff now at only.

please, if you link to update you links to thanx.

will try to figure all things, probably i can return it back.

Common talks

coming soon

this is really true, but new design almost ready ;)
i was unavailable for long time (few months) but now i’m back from this hell ;) and look forward for new horizonts.

Flash 7 is coming and central too, this FALL will be good time to explore and learn new stuff and i promise to post my new experiments here ;)

love ya all, Den

Common talks

Hello there again ;)

2nd approach of my personal blog.

Sorry for my _BAD_ english and get ready to see some post on russian here.
Disclaimer: I will post here lots of outside links ;) I mean video, shockwave, trailers, tutorials or just stories i like. ;)