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Send texture from unity to flash via sockets.

For last project i was need show part of main display to distant big screen, connected to another PC. So i need somehow send video feed via Ethernet. Firstly i tried find any encoder lib for sending h264 video, but this was so complicated. So i did small Socket server in adobe air for this distant big screen PC and wrote some code in c# for unity client.

There is 2 ways for sending images to flash via sockets.

1. Send uncompressed bitmap data (ARGB = 4 bytes) from Unity and then use bitmapData.setPixels(rect, byteArray) for recteate bitmap
2. Convert bitmap data into PNG in Unity via Texture2D.EncodeToPNG and them use Loader.loadBytes() in flash.

some code below

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Starling updated to version 1.3Вышла новая версия Starling 1.3

Starling updated to version 1.3


New features:

  • GPU-Filters (Blur, Drop Shadow, Glow, Color Matrix)
  • Tween Enhancements
  • Asset Management
  • Scale Modes

More info in Starling blog.Вышла новая версия Starling 1.3


  • Фильтры (Blur, Drop Shadow, Glow, Color Matrix)
  • улучшены твины
  • управление ресурсами(Asset Managements)
  • режимы масштабирования

Больше инфы в блоге Starling

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Making of Gangster Squad.

Awesome Making of Gangster Squad from Soap Creative. Great use of Starling and Stage3D.

Augment Reality Common talks Flash

Sea3D file format updated to version 1.4

SEA3D-Top Really love this file format for Flash 3D. Never used it before, but last week it save my ass ) I did small AS3 project (Augmented Reality card) and after few trials i found Sea3D much better then any other formats (Collada, 3DS, OBJ etc.) for animated 3D scene exported from 3D Studio Max to Away 3D. Just few clicks and few lines of code and EVERYTHING work! No texture problems (Collada), no missing animations (obj). It just work! Today it updated to new version, and if you do some 3D in Flash, take a look into Sea3D. Export easily of softwares 3D modeling entire scenes for games, animations and online applications. List of features:

  • Open-source
  • Export Animation (Takes), Texture, Material, Geometry, Skeleton (Skin), Vertex Animation, Morph, Camera, Lights, Environment and Helpers
  • Procedural files and animation
  • Instance geometry, material and texture
  • Scene Hierarchy
  • Multiple Channels geometry
  • DetailMap, LightMap and Multilayer Blend Texture
  • Stream Loader Method (Progressive Loader)
  • Sound3D Support
  • Custom Shaders
  • Compress ZLib, Deflate and Lzma
  • Transparent Materials
  • Binary format

Update: Great post in poonya forum about new features in Sea3D 1.4

Flash Realaxy

Realaxy beta video

Check beta video of Realaxy.

Realaxy — is a set of free online applications that allows people to find a three-dimensional model of their apartment, office or any other room, or quickly create and design it in real-time to see a photorealistic result.

Manufacturers and vendors will have an opportunity to demonstrate the three-dimensional models of household products, and users to try them in their apartments and purchase.

Note: Realaxy ActionScript Editor (RASE) changed it name and moved to new web address (I will post about it later)