Shockwave News

shockwave 3D

amazing models and demos at Max Shelekhov page

Flash News

some old work

below some of sites i create in memphis design studio, where i’m working now as Flash Developer ;)

Flash News

finishing old stuff

I have a LOTS(really!!!) of unfinished experiments. i have plans finish all of them ;) an put into my Lab page.

here the first one, very old source (2 years i think) ;)

metaballs demo (FLA)

Common talks

coming soon

this is really true, but new design almost ready ;)
i was unavailable for long time (few months) but now i’m back from this hell ;) and look forward for new horizonts.

Flash 7 is coming and central too, this FALL will be good time to explore and learn new stuff and i promise to post my new experiments here ;)

love ya all, Den

Video News

nice demoreels

Imaginary Forces
Post Panic
Syndrome Studio

from bd4d